Tour de Singkarak has benefit to monitor athletes for Asian Games

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Dokumentasi - Tour de Singkarak (ANTARA FOTO/Wahyu Putro A)

Jakarta (ANTARA Sumsel) - The implementation of Tour de Singkarak (TdS) cycling race 2017 in West Sumatra gives benefit to the Executive Board of the Indonesian Cycling Association (PB ISSI) to monitor achievement of the country's racers.

ISSI makes use of the international cycling race this year to pay attention to the performance of the Indonesian cyclists, despite the absence of the country's national cycling team (Timnas) at this annual cycling event.      
In this year's international event, the Timnas will not take part, according to manager of the Timnas, Budi Saputra on last Thursday.

"It is true. This year, the national team is absent in the Tour de Singkarak 2017. But many cyclists of the national team that strengthen their clubs (join the event)," Saputra said.

ISSI let the cyclists that so far joined the national training center or Platnas to strengthen each of their clubs.

Many cyclists of the Timnas so far spread in several local and international clubs.

When they do not undergo the centralized training, they continue to improve their skills together with their clubs. Even some cyclists are regularly fielded in international championships.

For example, Aiman Cahyadi who is currently strengthening the Malaysian team, Sapura Pro Cycling Team. In fact, Aiman Cahyadi who was born in Bandung, West Java, was already able to become the best rider in one of the international race stage in the neighboring country.  
In addition, Dadi Suryadi who was born in Sumedang, West Java, is currently strengthening the team from Malaysia, Trengganu Cycling Team.

Saputra also explained that Tour de Singkarak 2017 is one of media to monitor the achievement of the Indonesian cyclists.

Indonesia will host the 18th Asian Games for the second time next year in Jakarta and Palembang (South Sumatra), after it held the Asian sporting events for the first time in Jakarta in 1962.

Out of 103 racers from 19 teams that started competing in this year's Tour de Singkarak starting Saturday (Nov 18), some of the country's cyclists grouped in the foreign teams also participated, such as Jamal Hibatulloh and Agung Ali Sahbana from the KFC Cycling Team, and Aiman Cahyadi from the Sapura Pro Cycling Team.

Apart from seeking cyclists to be prepared for the 2018 Asian Games, Saputra explained that PB ISSI will also monitor the coach who will accompany the riders at the National Training Center (Pelatnas).

"(We) have nominees, both riders and coaches. Now, we just see their performances in Tour de Singkarak 2017," Saputra noted.

This year, TdS 2017 which carries the theme "Biggest Sport Tourism" comprised nine stages, covering the regions of 18 districts and municipalities of West Sumatra.

The nine stages will include Tanah Datar-Padang Panjang City, covering 107 kilometers; Painan-Sawahlunto, covering 166 kilometers; Muaro Sijunjung-Pulau Punjung, covering 100 kilometers; Danau Singkarak-Payakumbuh, covering 135 kilometers; and Lembah Harau-Padang Panjang, covering 101 kilometers.

The cyclists will continue to the following stages of Solok City-Padang Aro Solok Selatan, covering 140 kilometers; Pariaman-West Pasaman, covering 157 kilometers; Padang Pariaman-Agam, covering 101 kilometers; and Pasaman-Bukittinggi Sirkuit, covering 90 kilometers.

In the meantime, three Indonesia's cyclists taking part in the second stage that covers Pesisir Selatan-Sawahlunto, measuring 155.9 kilometers on Nov 19 as the Indonesia`s Fastest Racers (Red and White Jersey) are Jamal Hibatulloh (KFC Cycling Team) recorded 06:43:36, Aiman Cahyadi (Sapura Pro Cycling Team) 06:45:26, and Agung Ali Sahbana (KFC Cycling Team) 06:45:40.

On the third stage from Sijunjung-Dharmasraya, spanning 161.3 kilometers on Nov 20, Jamal Hibatulloh (KFC Cycling Team) recorded 10:49:29, Aiman Cahyadi (Sapura Pro Cycling Team) 10:51:19, and Agung Ali Sahbana (KFC Cycling Team) 10:51:33.

Additionally, on the fourth stage spanning 106.4 kilometers from Solok-Payakumbuh District on Nov 21, Jamal Hibatulloh (KFC Cycling Team) 13:23:20, Aiman Cahyadi (Sapura Pro Cycling Team) 13:25:19 and  Agung Ali Sahbana (KFC Cycling Team) 13:28:07.

On the fifth stage from Solok City-South Solok, covering 153.2 kilometers on Nov 22, Jamal Hibatulloh (KFC Cycling Team) recorded 17:28:30, Agung Ali Sahbana (KFC Cycling Team ) 17:33:17 and Abdul Soleh (BRCC) 17:35:35.

On the sixth stage from Pariaman-West Pasaman, measuring 145.7 kilometers on Nov 23, Jamal Hibatulloh (KFC Cycling Team) recorded 20:49:53, Agung Ali Sahbana (KFC Cycling Team) 20:54:40, and Abdul Soleh (BRCC) 20:56:58.

The seventh stage is Limapuluh Kota-Padang Panjang, spanning 112 kilometers on Nov 24; the eighth stage is Padangpariaman-Agam, reaching 135.2 kilometers on Nov 25; and the ninth stage is Pasaman-Bukittinggi, covering 117.2 kilometers on Nov 26.

At the general standing (Yellow Jersey), foreign racers still show their domination from the first to the seventh of the total nine stages.  
As many as 38 sports including bike race will be competed in the 18th Asian Games.

The TdS organizing committee of the annual sports tourism event is handing out prizes worth Rp2.3 billion this year, similar to what it had offered in the previous years.

The Tour de Singkarak (TdS), which was first held in 2009, has become an annual agenda for the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

Since 2013 the Amauri Sport Organization (ASO) has recommended TDS to be a major championship in Asia for being able to attract more than one million spectators. 

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