S Sumatra Ready To Host Asian Games

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Asian Games 2018 (ANTARA Sumsel/Nova Wahyudi/17)

Palembang, S Sumatra, Dec 14 (Antara) - The vice president of the Olympic Council of Asia, Wei Ji Zhong, said here on Thursday that South Sumatra is ready to host Asian Games 2018.

Construction of all facilities for the international sporting event has been carried out as planned, and there had been no problem with it so far, he stated after inspecting the facilities at Jakabaring sports complex in Palembang, the capital of the province.

He noted that he has indeed inspected the development of facilities for the Asian Games five times, and the condition now was good.

During the first inspection, many facilities were not adequate, but now they have all been good enough, he remarked. 

The facilities being built and renovated have almost been completed, with some already being finished or merely needing final touches, he explained.

He added that the progress of development has been quite fast under the supervision of Governor Alex Noerdin. 

Noerdin confirmed that there had not been any hurdle, and it has all been done as planned.

He pointed out that development of some facilities has even surpassed targets, such as that for the shooting event, which has been 97.34 percent completed, while the target was being set at 97.14 percent.

The rowing venue has been completed 95.23 percent, while the target was at 94.02 percent, he noted.

The governor elaborated that the beach volleyball facility has been completed, while only final touches would be needed for the Sriwijaya Stadium as well as the athletic stadium.

It is certain that South Sumatra is ready to host the Asian Games 2018, he concluded.

Reported by Ujang Idrus
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