South Sumatra to ease availability of information on tourism services

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Dokumentasi- Permainan tradisional tepak cadang di BKB. (ANTARA Sumsel/Nova Wahyudi)

Palembang (ANTARA Sumsel) - The government of South Sulawesi Province will facilitate easier access to tourism services through the establishment of numerous tourism information centers in the province.

The tourism information centers will be set up at strategic locations to provide information to travelers keen on visiting various tourist attractions in the area, according to South Sumatra Culture and Tourism Office Chief Irene Camelyn Sinaga.

"Thus, the information centers will help tourists to get information about tourist attractions and the typical regional cuisine, including shopping, in a faster and easier manner" Sinaga remarked here on Saturday.

In the meantime, Judi Rifajantoro, the tourism minister`s special staff, remarked here early this month that the tourism information centers will be opened respectively at the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport, Bentek Kuto Besak, and Jakabaring Sport City to provide assistance to tourists visiting the city and province.

"On completion, the tourism information center at the three locations will be handed over to the local government or business players to manage them," Rifajantoro remarked.

According to Rifajantoro, the tourism information centers will serve as a medium to promote "Wonderful Indonesia" during the international sporting event of the Asian Games 2018 in Palembang and Jakarta.

"The minister of tourism has also directed that the Asian Games in Palembang and Jakarta in 2018 should offer the necessary momentum or serve as a gateway to promote the Wonderful Indonesia (tourism brand)," he said.

Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra Province, is increasing the number of its tourist destinations in the face of the 18th Asian Games in 2018.

The South Sumatran provincial capital is developing several new tourist destinations, such as the colorful floating villages on the banks of Musi River, Sekanak Kerihin resort, Tugu Belido tower, and Sudirman Walk venue.

Different tourist destinations have been developed, yet Palembang continues to develop others, including nuanced rural tourism in locations, such as the Al Munawar Village and Kapitan Village.

In addition, Palemang City continues to upgrade infrastructure at the existing tourist destinations in the face of the Asian Games to be held in South Sumatra and Jakarta.

Included in the existing destinations are the Bukit Sigintung hill, Kuto Besak fortress, the villages of Al Munawar and Kapitan, Public Housing Creative Corner, and Sky Park.

The government of Palembang City is focusing on the tourism sector, for which this year`s target is set at receiving 2.1 million domestic tourists and 12 thousand foreign tourists.


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